Play & Learn

Playing is the most significant activity in early childhood, through which we can strengthen and develop their abilities and skills. Sensory stimulation at an early age, helps facilitates a better learning for our children through the experience itself.

Let’s let our children play, explore and learn!

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Play & Learn

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Play & Learn – Making Christmas Special

Play & Learn classes are for 3-month babies to 3-year-old children.

Parents or caregivers learn about appropriate technics for their children development. Each experience significantly contributes to the development, growth and learning of each child.

Through an interactive routine, parents, along with their babies, actively participate in activities that promote musical experience, body movement, art, language, communication, creativity, and appropriate games for fine and gross motor development.

Classes are offered by specialists in speech / language and motor development, certified in Early Intervention, with more than 16 years of experience, facilitating maximum development according to each child potential.

We offer classes every friday and Saturday once a month.

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