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A business directory, calendar of events, discounts, store and an informative blog with a variety of articles written by bloggers and professionals (doctors, nutritionist, instructors, psychologist, among others). You’ll enjoy our Play and Learn blog which offer creative ideas to play with your children and encourage their development.

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In our directory parents and caregivers can find products and services for babies and children (0 to 4 years old) such as; preschools, doctors, birthday entertainers, places for birthdays, event décor, nutritionists, therapists, psychologists, workshops, events, toy stores, clothing stores, hairdressers, made in PR products, babysitting and much more!

The services found in our directory are endorsed by other parents and offered by qualified, certified instructors and centers with all their permits up to date.

We invite you to explore our website and discover a world of essential information and tools for the benefit of parents, caregivers, babies and children in Puerto Rico.

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